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Travelling Tips

Laos is one of the Buddhist countries of the world. Laos’s people has some rules and regulation that are going on since ancient time. Here are some rules you must follow to enjoy your visit in Laos.

  • In Buddhism, body is a manifestation of spirit. So head is considered as sacred and highest and gradually, feet are the lowest. Do not touch on someone’s head. Do not point or touch anything sacred by your feet.
  • Laos is a conservative religious place. Local people wear full sleeve shirts and long pants in winter and summer. There is no exact dress code like other Buddhist countries but try to wear something descent rather than shorts or tank tops while visiting sacred places. Remove your shoes before entering temple.
  • Do not wear bikini or body hugging swimsuits in beaches if you don’t want to feel awkward and piece of attraction for other people. Don’t wear beachwear in public places except swimming pools and beaches.
  • In Laos, The highest respect is given to Buddha. Do not climb on Buddha statues or sit infront of Buddha images, pointing your feet to the image. Always carve your feet before sitting in temples.

Buddhists monks is respected everywhere in the country. Since they are bound by strict rules and can’t touch or accept gifts from women or shake hands with anyone. Respect the rules and don’t disturb the monks, both inside and outside of the temples.

  • In most of the places, dollar is not accepted. Credit card is accepted only in posh places. So it is better to keep sufficient amount of official currency, Laos Kip which is available in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000.

Laos’s people are said to have cool and patient mind. Do not argue with them. Remove your shoe outside of the house accept their greetings. Laos’s people are sensitive regarding their religion. Whenever in a doubt, let your common sense to guide you. Respect their religious sentiment to experience a memorable vacation.