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Applying for Laos’s visa is a very simple thing and can be done easily. The Laos visa can be obtained in the following ways. But exemption of visa is available for some particular countries. They can enter Laos without Visa. They include ASEAN countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and much more.

Visa on Arrival
It is the most convenient way to get the visa especially when you are a tourist and are strict on time. And you can get business visas too on arrival provided that you have a letter of approval by Laos’s government officials. Laos’s visas are available at Lao international airports in Vientiane, LuangPrabang, Pakse and Savannakhet and at some train stations. If you’re a tourist, then you can get your visa very easily if you have a valid passport. And citizens of 29 particular countries can’t avail their visas on arrival. They include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and a few others. They must get their visas at Laos Embassies to enter Laos. And Visa on arrival fee varies for people of different countries. For Australia and Canada, Visa fee is 30 and 42 US Dollars respectively. And the fee is 40 US dollars, when it comes to India. They prefer receiving charges in US dollars.

Visa Applying process and Requirement
Firstly you should line up at the arrival channel at the Laos International Airport. There you have to take a visa application form and fill it thoroughly. Make sure your passport has a 6 month validity from the date of applying for the visa. Attach your two colour passport sized photographs and then hand over it to the concerned officer. And wait for your turn. Then after about 15 minutes, you will be called and a stamp will be laid on your passport after which your passport will be returned. This tourist or business visais valid for only one month. The day one applies for a visa will also be considered. Pre-arranged visas and advance visas are also available by which you can get your visas without waiting for long.

Extending Laos Visa
If you wish to stay in Laos for a much longer time, you are provided with a facility to extend your visa validity. But this is possible only before the expiry of your visa. It may cost you just 2 US dollars per day after the date of your visa expiry. And if you don’t leave the country even if your visa is expired, you will be fired with a charge a 10 US dollars per day. You can go to the Immigration office to extend your visa by paying them the extra money. For visa extension, again you have to provide your passport, your photographs and a service of 3 US dollars to the immigration officer. The extension fees may slightly vary between travel agents and individual agents. So try to opt for an ideal one. Extending your Laos visa is a very simple task. You just have to submit your passport and photographs to the officer and pay him the extension fee. Then you can extend your visa easily.

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