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Yes, all foreigners do. Contact the Myanmar Embassy or connect with us for the visa. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months. We give our clients all necessary information related to the visa.

October to April is the tourist season as the monsoons have just finished and the weather is pleasant.

You should make your travel plans as early as possibly, especially if you are travelling in the peak season (October to April). If you don’t, the good hotels and guides will get booked.

In Myanmar, credit cards are not accepted in most places but we can do your bookings through the major credit cards.

Yes, for spending in smaller places, you should get some local currency at the airport itself, if you haven’t already. USD and Euros are the only other foreign currencies that are accepted in some places. The currency should be clean and unfolded and not crumpled.

Credit cards are generally not accepted in Myanmar. Some big hotels may accept them if you pay them a substantial fee.

Your itinerary will clearly spell out all inclusions and exclusions. Don’t worry about hidden costs.

We provide tour guides fluent in most European languages, according to your needs. They are very experienced and will accompany you throughout.

You can, but you will probably miss out on a lot. Apart from making sure you have a great sightseeing experience, your guide also ensures there are no obstacles that crop up and that your safety is ensured at all times.

It is available but you may find it slow and some international sites may be barred. You will not be allowed to get a personal connection on your device; you can access the internet through cyber cafes or the hotel’s business centre, if there is one.

GSM network is not provided to foreigners so even if you carry your phone, you won’t be able to use it. In fact, you may be asked to deposit it at customs on entry, to be picked up on return. You can call internationally from your hotel but the rates will be very high, even up to 8 USD per minute starting from the second you finish dialling.

You can sample a variety of cuisines provided by local restaurants and hotels. Some people find the local food too oily, in which case you can opt for western food, which is easily available in all the tourist cities. All tour packages include breakfast. The bigger hotels offer buffet breakfasts and the smaller ones offer a simple continental breakfast.

Malaria was wiped out in the tourist cities several decades ago. But if your doctor insists, or you are wary, you may. Before visiting the remote areas or the jungles you definitely should.

Standard medicines for personal use are allowed but certain defined narcotic drugs are not allowed. You can clarify the details with us about your specific drugs.

Yes, absolutely. It is one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia. Petty crimes and disturbances are virtually unheard of in tourist spots.