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Travelling Tips

  1. Travel cheap

If you want to travel cheap, travel by bus as they are the cheapest way to travel in Myanmar. It may not be comfortable as the 52-seat coaches are chock full of locals and you may end up with a backache.

  1. Pack noise-cancelling headphones

Headphones are always a saviour. It is always recommended to carry your headphones during long distance travel. They come handy, cut through your boredom and also are effective in cutting the loud noises around you. Burmese are passionate about music and you may have to endure some really loud music at your trip. If you are travelling by an overnight bus, the television may be on till 1 am (forget your sleep).

  1. Go veggie

The Burmese and Vietnamese cuisine can be really tasty, but we still suggest you to go veggie. A chicken may be kept for 15 years, till it stops laying eggs and then slaughtered. Already going veggie? The Shan food may offer some delicious vegetarian food.

  1. Check your cab has got a handle to hold on to

Imports of cars are heavily restricted and only the very richest manage to get hold of swanky new 4x4s. The engines of these old cars are weak and may not have a seat belt. It’s better to ride in a cab that has got a handle to hold.

  1. Never sit down on hired bikes

Bikes always give us a beautiful ride. They may be a little bone shaking, but the beauty of Myanmar can be experienced to its full extent through a bike ride. Grabbing a bike may be a little risky and at times may not be comfortable.

  1. Seasons

It is advised to visit Myanmar between November to March, as it has a temperate climate. The month of June can also be suitable. It is best to avoid the monsoon season as the land may become sloppy and it may be an uncomfortable experience.

  1. Safety

It is always better to carry some extra cash while travelling as the ATM cards may not work there. Even before two years it was difficult to find an ATM which would accept foreign debit cards. By far, Myanmar is a safe country and the crime rates in the tourist areas are comparatively less in Myanmar than in many other South Eastern country.