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Myanmar is a very beautiful country lying to the eastern side of India. There are many foreigners who ask about the visa procedures to visit Myanmar. You must completely understand the procedure rather than creating a mess at the time of travelling.

You might have to visit Myanmar for different purposes like business, travel, social, etc. and you need to have a visa specifically for that purpose. Some of the purposes and their procedures are stated below.

  • Business Visa: It is the visa which is given to an aspirant from Business firms who have their establishments in Myanmar. This type of visa is applicable for three months only.The visa is issued 70 days from each entry. Requirements are passport, an application form, photo of 1.5 x 2 inches having a white background, copy of a flight program, employer’s recommendation letter addressing to the Visa section and Embassy stating about occupation, purpose of visit, departure and arrival dates, invitation letter from Myanmar and visa fee of RMB 300.
  • Multiple Journey Entry Visa: This type of visa is given to those applicants who visit Myanmar for official or business purposes. This visa is valid for six months or one year from the date when it is issued. The visa is issued 70 days from each entry. The requirements remain the same as the business visa except that the visa fee of RMB 1500 is charged for Multiple Journey Entry Visa applicants.
  • Diplomatic Gratis Official Courtesy: These types of visa are granted to any government official who visits Myanmar officially. The visa for the diplomats is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The diplomat can apply for this visa for official purposes as well as for personal purposes. Requirements for such a visa remain the same except that the passport should be a diplomat passport or an official passport and a Diplomatic Note Verbal that contains a detailed description of the reason of entry, date of arrival and also the date of departure.
  • Tourism visa: Tourism visa is the visa for those who are travelling to Myanmar for the purpose of tourism only. The visa is applicable for independent travellers or those who travel with tours. People of all nationalities are eligible for this visa. The tourists are allowed to stay in Myanmar only for a time period of 28 days. They are allowed to travel within three months from the date of issue of the visa.
  • Entry Visa: Entry visa is a visa that is approved for those applicants who are from the Government agencies. The visa is applicable for official visits, prior nationals of this country as well as their foreign relatives for social visits as well as for the purpose of medication. The documents required for this visa are the same as those required for business purposes. In case of social visits, a concise bio data with a photo that is pasted on the forms available with the embassy is required. In case of medication, a letter of invitation is needed from the monastery where the applicant desires to live and take medication in Myanmar.

It is always advisable to answer all the questions from all the sections of the visa application form. If you fail to answer the questions or answer without accuracy, your application might be cancelled. You should also remember that youmust have a copy of your application for your reference.

Click here to download Myanmar visa application form –