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There are two general ways through which you can get a Thai Visa, you can either get it stamped when you arrive in the country or you can get it beforehand from the Thai embassy in your own country. You can have a maximum stay of 60 days in Thailand, but not more than that.

You need to fill in the Thai visa form, in order to hold the visa of the country. Your passport should be valid for nearly six months or more from the date of expiry mentioned on it. And of course, your passport must have a blank page in order to get the visa stamped.

Documents required
The mandatory documents you must carry include recent passport sized photographs with white background. These photos must not be any older than 3 months. Your air ticket should be confirmed too. Once you’ve fulfilled all the needed requirements, only then are you entitled to Thai visa. The visa fee, on entry, may range up to 1,000 TBH. However, the Thai government holds all rights to change the amount without giving any prior notice. The other important thing is to verify that the person visiting Thailand has a sum of at least 10,000 TBH with him, for a family the amount raises to 20,000 TBH.

Also remember that the consular officer can ask for any document that is not mentioned in the regular proceedings if they feel it’s necessary. So, make sure you only go to them when you are fully equipped with all mandatory documents or anything that could be asked for.

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