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Every Indian passport holder who is travelling to Vietnam needs a visa stamped on his passport. Of late, Vietnam has offered the facility of visa on arrival to all the Indian passport holders. This facility was introduced to increase the tourism in Vietnam by making the procedures without causing any stress. Visa on arrival in Vietnam is now very simple and clear to comprehend as well as follow. The facility of visa on arrival is available for different types of visas in Vietnam such as tourist visa, business visa, single entry visa and also multiple entry visas. However, visa on arrival is only available when a tourist travels by air. In case of other modes of travel such as road, sea or rail, you need to get in touch with the concerned authorities for additional details.

Visa on Arrival
Recently, the facility of visa on arrival has been a little intensified because there was an outbreak of Indian passport holders. These people disobeyed the local rules and regulations. This has given rise to delays for issuing the approval forms in the case where visa on arrival is concerned. On the other hand, the procedure for submitting an application for visa continues to be the same. You have to make contact with the permitted and listed agencies and also fill up your necessary details such as your name, reason of visit, any associates in Vietnam along with your period of stay. In the event of taking a business visa on arrival, the applicants might have to hand over the employer’s or else the sponsor’s invitation.

Provisions for specific countries
As it was pointed out earlier about much more severe provisions for the Indian citizens, Vietnam officials may also need a guarantor or any company which can take a guarantee on your behalf. From thelast few months, there has also been an increase in severity in terms of the number of documents which are needed for submission by the Indian passport holders. Even though, the Indian passport is not needed while applying for Vietnam visa on arrival scheme, the officials require a complete detail of the passport which includes a scanned copy of your passport. The scanned copy should be accompanied by the return ticket of the airlines. The other procedures which are required are very much similar to the visa procedures of other countries. The only thing that is required is an approval form from an agency. Make sure to visit Vietnam with that approved form, two photographs as well as entry and exit forms.

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