Delhi: Explore The Royal Clutch And Stories Of British Imperialism

Delhi: Explore The Royal Clutch And Stories Of British Imperialism

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  • February 26, 2016
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If you have made up your mind in visiting the Indian subcontinent then do not forget to pay a visit to the Indian capital of New Delhi. This national territory will let you hark back to the days of Indian freedom struggle. Each and every lanes and by-lanes narrates a story of the by-gone days. If you put ears to the ground, the historical soundings are sure to reverberate in your ears.

Apart from the NCR region you can visit the narrow lanes of Old Delhi where you are sure to plunge in the traditional grandeur and royal tutelage of the Mughal era. The royal durbar is all in readiness to welcome you in imperial style. So what are you waiting for, pack up your bags and luggage and soak in the ambience of Indian traditionalism and past grandeur.

There are plethora of places to visit if you are in Delhi, and it is quite difficult to visit each and every destination during your first visit, thereby listed below are few locations which cannot be missed as you visit the province of Delhi.

Red Fort It was the home of the Mughal emperor for nearly couple of centuries and later converted to barracks by the British colonial army. The red fort is something which is symbolic of a titanic empire and royalty that the Mughals possessed. This colossal architecture is not only India’s prowess but something the entire geode looks up to. Presently it is a rendezvous of umpteen national events which includes the rank of Republic day and Independence Day. It is opened from 9AM-6PM every day apart from Monday.

Jama Masjid Constructed by Shah Jahan, this mosque is something which again depicts love and passion for art and culture the Mughals possessed. Be it the interior or the exterior it is sure to grab your eye balls. It is opened on all day except during the hours of prayer.

India gateA symbol of pride and bravery, this awe-inspiring monument is standing tall to welcome you to Delhi. This monument is a mark of respect to various soldiers who shed their lives for the well being of the nation.

Qutub Minar It has long history, which harks back to the days of the Tuglaq rule in India. It is one of the finest monuments in the world reminiscent of distinct style.

The best time to visit Delhi is during the month of November, as it remains quite humid during summer. The temperature often drops to 3 degrees during winter thereby the best possible time to visit is during November. The foods of Delhi are something which would make you go crazy. It needs a long discussion to elaborate Delhi, which is not getting probable here. What you need to do is drop in quick time and explore the surprises.