Group Tours

Group Tours

India2010GroupPhoto“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

It is not unnatural to get excited if you have decided to visit India for adventure. India is a place of magic, a path to escape into an exotic world to forget yourself for a while amidst the beauty of nature. Think of spotting the Royal Bengal tiger before the dense jungle of Sundarban at the same time a peacock calling in the silence of the woods yet you cannot see it. Imagine standing before the great Taj Mahal that stood motionless for 367 years and still convincing the hearts with its beauty. Furthermore, if you want to lose yourself for a while then you could bunjee jump from the Rishikesh and simultaneously sail through the rough waters of the river. There is nothing in this world that cannot find its reflection in India.

Our group tours are created with likeminded people who have the same sorts of interest and likes. We have the best transport facilities to pick you up from your said spot and even we can help you with hotel and food accommodations.

Therefore if you are arriving here there are lots to do, to feel and see. Thus being with a group will increase your confidence and who knows, you might find a true friend in this country.


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