Rajasthan- The Place With Its Rich Glory & Opulent Tradition

Rajasthan- The Place With Its Rich Glory & Opulent Tradition

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  • February 26, 2016
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If you wish to visit the Indian subcontinent, do not forget to visit the state of Rajasthan generally being defined as the “land of kings”. The state still retains the former glory and the opulent tradition. It not only foretells and depicts the narration of Indian culture, but it also symbolizes the majestic and aesthetic appeal that India is known for.

Be it the awe-inspiring landscape or the golden flicker of the Thar Desert, the geographical bounties are sure to provide you the Midas touch that you were pining for. The land is symbolic of the traditional culture, mythology and various other forms of art and architecture. The land which was once ruled by the rajas & maharajas still hold a special appeal among the travelers after the passage of so many years. Rajasthan will make you feel the resonation as you turn over the pages of the bygone days after reaching this land.

The state of Rajasthan, lying to the west end of the country is one of the country depicting engaging hues of culture, tradition and more importantly art and literature. The state has everything to make an extra appeal. As for instance the Thar Desert and the royal places and the pink city of Jaipur all in conglomeration makes Rajasthan a perfect place to visit. Apart from the pink city you can also visit the cities of Bikener, Jodpur, where you can witness numerous forts built by the Rajput kings during their tenure. It also depicts the royal patronage and the valor of the Rajputs. Do not forget to take a ride in the camel and taste the mouth watering cuisines in order to fill your appetite. If you are visiting during the Pushkar fair, be rest assured to witness the Asia’s biggest animal fair.

We make sure that while you are paying this historical visits the rightful transportation is being available for you at a price which is within the grip. At the same time you are explained everything in details regarding the past historical stories circulating these structural designs.

In nutshell, Rajasthan is a land of Utopian dream, which have everything under single aegis. It is a land completely rooted in geographical beauty and has always proven its urge of architecture and culture over the years. If once visited you would want to revisit the land of Kings over and over again.