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India is one such sub continental country which needs no introduction. It has stood its ground since time immemorial. It has been a cradle of ancient civilization and past glory. The country symbolizes opulent tradition, historical grandeur and maverick art and culture which have received the accolades from all and sundry who did pay visit to this oriental terrain. Apart from the aesthetic architectural intelligence, India is one of the countries which can be described as the rendezvous of natural winsomeness.

The country has everything under a single tutelage starting from the young fold mountains of the Himalaya along with the golden glimmer of the Thar Desert, the majestic waters of the Indian Ocean, the deep and dense forests along with the nature’s outmost beauty which includes the rank of wildlife and birds.

The forests, birds and wildlife do allow in maintaining the ecological balance. The tranquil Himalayas depict a paradisiacal beauty which surpasses the natural beauty and takes refuge in serene natural effulgence above the realm. The pure Ganges flowing in full rhythm is symbolic of purity and spiritual carving. Ganges is generally considered to be a deity having the power to cleanse everything and making it absolutely pure.

Each and every state of India has a story of its own. Be it from the historical perspective or from the sociological along with the cultural perspective. Indians are deeply rooted in religious tolerance and make offerings to ancient God’s and Goddess. Right from the Vedic age India believes in the customary of sacred submission. India as a country has witnessed the rise and falls of several humongous empires over the ages and has always been thankful to its past kings for upholding the traditional aspect in the global pedestal.

India was and is always being thronged by tourists and visitors. If we hark back to yester years and turn the pages of history, it will be seen that several travelers have visited the courts of Indian kings and have written positive notes on the country in their country.

The cuisines do vary from state to state and have a unique taste of their own. The foods are generally spicy and depict the tradition of the state from which it belongs. On a general estimate it can be said that Indian cuisines are awe-inspiring to taste.

India was under the tutelage of the imperial British rule for more than 200 years and got its independence as a secular socialist republican and democratic country in the year of 1947. The Indian freedom struggle holds an important chapter not in the folios of Indian History but it had a colossal impact on the global platform.

India always boosts of its rich music, literature urge for creativity and awe-inspiring foods. It is indeed a country which can be described as an ideal tourist destination. So if you are all in readiness to explore the east pack your bags and drop in as quick as possible and plunge in the luxurious odor of India which is absolutely tailor made for you.

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