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The People’s Democratic Republic of Laos is located in the Southeast of Asia. The people here are inviting and very friendly which makes this place a better place to be at. The country has a good number of pastoral islands, in the Mekong River, which make it a must visit destination for the all those who love uniqueness. The capital of the country and most villages together form the Central Laos. The very famous Khmer temples are in the south of Laos.
Laos is a place with warm weather all throughout the year. This makes it a place to be visited during the winters. During the months of November, December, and January, the islets around in the Mekong River are fairly accessible. This makes Laos a much visited country in these months. Also, during these months, Laos is relatively dry, making it commendable for sightseeing.

Best Things to See in Laos
The country is pretty historic. It houses various ancient ruins, secret cave shrines, gushing rivers, and verdant jungles that are sure to delight.

Must See Attractions –

Mount Phou Si
Covered at the top by a Buddhist shrine, Mount Phou Si is the central landmark of LuangPrabang. With spectacular views and photogenic scenes, this place is a must visit for all those who want to feel blissful.

Kuang Si Falls
This three-tiered waterfall is just outside the city of LuangPrabang. The cascading pools of turquoise water are the perfect place to take dip to beat the mid-day heat of Northern Laos.

The Plain of Jars
The thousands of stone jars that litter the Xiangkhouang Plateau were left by an unknown civilization for some inscrutable purpose.

Pak Ou Caves
Consisting of umpteen damaged Buddha images, the Pak Ou Caves are a popular attraction in the center of Laos.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the best examples of the Hindu-influenced building practices of Khmer temples in Laos.

Royal Palace Museum
The former home of the royal family of Laos, the palace is a colonial structure built by the French in traditional Laotian stylings

Wat Ho PhraKaew
Wat Ho was the former repository for the Emerald Buddha. PhraKaew is filled with traditional Laotian religious art and scriptures from the country’s rich history.

4,000 Islands
The 4,000 Islands, Si Phan Don, is an interesting place to be at because of its rare to be seen Irrawaddy Dolphins. It’s quite a picturesque view.

Tak Bat
Every morning the Buddhist Monks of LuangPrabangroam about in the streets looking for food. This is a very historic ceremony and is called Tak Bat. The ritual is an unforgettable experience, and many travelers choose to participate by purchasing and donating foodstuffs to the monks.

Tham Kong Lo
Central Laos is well-known for its awe-inspiring cave formations. The winding passages of Tham Kong Lo (sometimes called Kong Lor Cave) can be navigated by boat, and the journey through the unusual subterranean landscape leads to a secluded valley seemingly purpose built for picnics.

Laos’s Cuisine
While the cuisine in Laos varies by region, no dish is considered complete without a generous helping of sticky rice – a glutinous strain eaten predominately in Southeast Asia. Tangy curries, crispy noodles, and minced-meat salads are common place throughout the country, as well as many French inspired dishes that became popular when Laos was part of French Indochina.