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Myanmar is a nation in South East Asia, formerly known as Burma. With total area of 6,76,578 square kms the country is twice of Germany.
Myanmar is bordered in the north and the north east by China, in east Laos and Thailand, by the Andaman and the Bay of Bengal in south and in the west by India and Bangladesh.
Mount Hkakabo Razi of 5,881 m height in the Kachin state on the border tri-point with India and China is the highest point in country. Main rivers of Myanmar are the Irrawaddy and the Chindwin rivers.
Myanmar with a total population of about 51.4 millions of people is the largest city and the former capital of Myanmar is Yangon is the economic center. Burmese is the language spoken.

The country has an surface area of 677,000 square kilometers ranging 936 kilometers from the E to W and 2052 km from north to south. A land of valleys and hillsit is flanked in the N, E and W by mountains. An enclosure within the mountainous obstructions is the flatlands of Iravady, and the river Sittaung valleys; here majority of the country’s agriculture is done.

The climate has divisions into: the summer, the winter and the Rainy Season. From February to the May is summer, with highest temperatures during the months of March-April in Myanmar up to above 43.3C while in North part of Myanmar it is 36.1C and on the plateau Shan between 29.4C and 35C. Rainy Season, from mid May to end of October, with a total annual rainfall lesser than 41” in Myanmar Central and the coasts of the likes of Rakhine and Tanintharyi receive 200 inch of rainfall. Winters are from November-February with hilly areas temperature dropping below 0C.

The primary religions are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Spiritualism and others. Intolerance of religions or discrimination on religious grounds does not exist here.

Myanmar comprises of 135 ethnic races, among which the main are the Kayin, Kachin, Bamar, Kayah, Mon, Rakhine, Chin and Shan. Population growth is 1.84 percent.

Myanmar has 8 primary national ethnic races with some 135 ethnic groups with some of the races being Kachin, Kayah, Chin, Bamar, Rakhine and Shan. The Bamar are the largest national race comprising of 70% of the population.