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Travelling Tips

Customs Regulations

  • Entry

Every tourist must fill out a baggage declaration form (in two copies) which has to be handed over in customs. It is preferred to retain the other copy which has to be presented at the time of exit.

Personal belongings like food, liquor (two bottles) and cigarettes (two cartons) can be admitted free of duty tax. Personal commodities like wristwatches, radios, tape recorders, cameras, movie cameras, and other similar items may be brought into the country for personal use. Keep in mind that these items should not be sold in China and must be brought out of the country.If you wish to carry any gifts for your relatives or are carrying any belonging on behalf of someone, it should be previously declared. Visitors are allowed to carry unlimited amount of foreign currency and Chinese Renminbi (RMB) traveller’s checks, and the unspent portion can be taken out.

Bringing in the following articles is prohibited

  • A traveller is not allowed to carry any sought of explosive elements,
  • Radio transmitters-receivers and principal parts,
  • Renminbi (RMB) in cash,
  • Photographs, manuscripts, printed matter, films, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes and videotapes, etc. which may pose a harm to China’s politics, economy, culture, and ethics,
  • Any kind of poisonous drugs,
  • Any animal, plant or unsanitary foodstuff that contains germs and may cause infection,
  • Any article, the import of which is prohibited by state regulations.


  • Exit

On leaving China, tourists must again submit the second copy of baggage declaration form for customs inspection. Travellers who are travelling by ship are exempted from this.

Items which have been purchased in China with RMB, converted from foreign currencies may be taken out or mailed out of the country after receipts are presented for customs inspection. In some cities this work is carried out by the Local Friendship Store other than the Custom Office.

Taking out the following articles is prohibited

  • Any kind of explosives
  • Radio transmitters-receivers and other principal parts
  • Renminbi (Chinese currency) in cash, foreign notes or drafts
  • Rare and precious copies of books about Chinese revolution. Any other books that are not for sale
  • Valuable animals, plants, and seeds
  • Precious metals, pearls, and jewels
  • Any other article, the export of which is prohibited by state