India is one such country which has all the variety that a tourist from an abroad country is in need of. Commencing from opulent heritage to umpteen culture and array of cuisines you find it all in India. If you are interested to explore the geographical bounties of the country then you must be visiting the country and explore the holy rives along with the seas and most importantly the snow filled Himalayas and the golden glimmer of the deserts. Not to forget the dense mangrove forests and the various sanctuaries. The list goes on, but in a nutshell it can be said the affordability and easy communication of the country will make you explore the entire country with ease.

Yes, it is mandatory to get a Visa. Indian government offers an Electronic tourist Visa On arrival (TVOA). The applicants of the countries which are eligible might apply through online portal in minimum of four days in advance from the date of arrival with a window of 30 days. This is a process which allows validity for a period of one month from the date of arrival in India. In case if you are need of valid information visit India Electronic Travel authorization.

It depends on the particular season while you are travelling and the desired destination you wish to go. If you are travelling in the summer season, you need to carry light clothes and sun’s cream lotions and some medicines. Carry shoes which are comfortable to wear. A head cover or turban might be required at some sacred sites. If you are travelling during winter it is advised to carry warmer clothes.

It depends on your taste and preferences. As for instance if you really want to explore the temples of Southern India and plunge deep into the past culture, the best session to visit is during the months of December and January. Same applies if you are visiting the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. At the same time if you are visiting Northern India do visit it during April and may, since it remains snow covered during December and January.

Immunizations are not required if you are visiting India. Depending on the season and region you are travelling certain vaccinations are required. If required do avail a tetanus and hepatitis vaccination.

You don’t need to worry at all, our travel guides and drivers will always be there to help you out and the guides will let you know about the past culture and the heritage structures. They will also notify you regarding the best availability of the current place that you are travelling.

Considering the size of the country, it can be said that India is quite safe, but be aware of the surroundings and always keep your luggage with you and zip your wallet and be away from strangers. Keep in touch with your guides and tourist advisers.

Yes, English is commonly being spoken all across the country. It is the commercial language of the country. However there are 21 regional languages being spoken, but you need not worry about communication. The tour guides will help you out as you visit the local destinations.

India is one such country which has all the geographical bounty under a single aegis. Commencing from the Himalayas in the Northern part of the country to the back waters in South, one is sure to enjoy each and every destination in this country. The temples and the majestic architecture are sure to be loved by the entire family members and even the children. One can pay a visit to the sanctuaries placed in various states along with the enclosures where various animals are kept. These places are sure to be liked by the little ones. Since the country is well connected by roads and railways it won’t be hassle if you are carrying your family along with you.

While visiting few of the temples and religious institutions you might have to cover your heads and take off the shoes before entering. You might not be allowed to visit few temples and religious institutions if you are appending something made out of leather. Some temple only allows the Hindus to take part in religious offering. Most of the museums are often closed on Monday’s and the site museums near the archeological monuments are not opened on Fridays.

It is being advised by us to in availing maximum travel insurance plans prior to the departure. This travel insurance covers medical situation which includes hospitalization along with cancellation and curtailment of understanding and baggage’s. If you are traveling with us you are assured of being automatically getting covered with emergency evacuation insurance. There are certain medical insurance as well.

If you study the geographic situation of India, you will surely find out that the country is a typical hot and tropical domain. Although the climatic situation is not the same throughout the country as the climatic condition varies. The best time to visit the country is during the months of November to March as the temperatures are quite cool and fresh during this period of time.

As of accommodation is concerned one can be absolutely sure of availing the best facilities. Commencing from rated five star hotels to government bungalows and guest houses, one can find it all in India. Private lodges are often situated in the outskirts of the parks. The rates of the hotels often vary and during seasonal time it is quite high.

The money exchange counters are being made available at most of the international airport as well as most of the hotels. The wildlife resorts across the country do not have exchange to money facilities since it is situated far away from the city, thereby it is good and prevalent option to carry maximum Indian currency if you are carrying to these wildlife resorts.

American and dinner card are not widely accepted in the country. It is often being advised by the experts in carrying maximum Indian currency while travelling to the outskirts of the cities.

Before you plan to carry out a trip to India, you must seek the opinion of the doctors and apply the necessary vaccination while planning a trip to India. Some parts of India are often prone to Malaria along with typhoid and other infectious diseases as well. So a proper vaccination will allow you to have a healthy trip.