A Mock Indian Wedding

India is a perfect destination to celebrate the most memorable event of one’s life. Today, good deals of visitors are flocking to India either to witness the vibrant & colorful wedding celebrations or participate in the Mock wedding in a traditional & royal style. Toureto gives you the chance to experience the rich Indian culture & traditions when visitors sign up for India Cultural Tours. Marriages in India are celebrated with great pomp & luxury and in a bid to give our visitors a real mood of wedding; Toureto has been organizing Mock Indian weddings.

While on Tour, we decide the lucky couple for mock Indian wedding followed by the group being divided into two parties. One is considered as a bridegroom family and the other one as bridal family. Both the groom and bride are dressed in specially selected colorful attire. All the guests, participating in the wedding procession are given dress and a turban to wear.

To uphold the real mood, decorated elephants & horse drawn chariot for the groom are being arranged. The wedding procession is led by a brass band and other musicians. The entrance at the bride’s wedding venue is decorated richly with fresh flowers and the entire venue is decorated with colorful lights. The groom’s party is welcomed by the bride’s parents, close friends and colleagues with flowers and garlands. The bride and the groom take their seat on ornamental chairs where they exchange the wedding garlands. The priest chants Vedic hymns and mantras from the Hindu scriptures. The bride and groom take 7 rounds in front of the holy fire, taking 7 vows of marriage in front of everybody where they exchange the ring and tie the knot.

Once you are done with the session, a visitor can either explore the city on his own, or travel with the guide back to hotel. With Toureto, experience the age-old traditions and customs that stand for a unique experience altogether. Take Advantage of our mock Indian wedding package and make your experience a cherished one.