Cooking Class

If you are a vacationer, willing to take cooking classes in India to learn about Indian Cuisine, its time you embrace Toureto. Our intense cooking classes are designed for non Indian nationals who are eager to cook Indian food in their kitchen back home. The cooking lessons are conducted to share with you the basics of Indian cooking in a simple manner. Literally, the lessons are explained in such a way that you wouldn’t need any utensils.

The class includes numerous demonstrations and hands on training of various basic and famous Indian dishes coupled with question & answer sessions. During the session, our teacher will teach you the ways of cooking different Indian cuisine, using a variety of different Indian spices. Our cooking class is ideal for the beginners who just wish to experiment with Indian Vegetarian cooking. Starting from Naan, Stuffed Roti, Parathas to Indian sweets, snacks and sauce, we let you cook several dishes in one session. We are confident about the fact that most of our course participants after the completion of the course.

If you are travelling only to lean the Indian Culinary skills, you are free to travel any time of the year and get enrolled for the course.

So, indulge yourself and take cooking classes on a Culinary Holiday with Toureto and feel the ultimate difference!