Dance Session

Wish to get an insight into the Indian Dance scene? Toureto offers dance workshops for travelers and vacationers who are eager to learn some Indian moves. The session extends up to 2 hours and we also provide a crash course for the visitors on four dance forms including bollywood, bhangra, belly dance and bhangra. Each dance form is allotted 25 minutes and the participant performs a fully choreographed number in traditional costumes.

It is through Indian dances, the cultural diversity and rich pattern of Indian society gets reflected. The dance school offers workshop of 2 hours and this is solely meant for the entertainment of the visitors. Our manager will give you a brief outline of the dance forms that visitors are going to learn in the session. Well, if the workshop is totally a costume workshop, then the guests are requested to change into the Indian costumes.

The entire session includes short snacks and drinks break where the guests can order for sandwiches or soft drinks. The entire dance session is recorded with a HD camera. The raw footage gets edited and then it is sent to the guest within the shortest period of time. The guests leave the session with a sweet memory at the end of the day. So, come join Toureto to indulge in the dance session, know about the origin & history of dance & feel the difference.