Interactive Games

India has always been rich in culture and tradition, and games play a pivotal role in Indian culture since time immemorial. Interactive games and sports have always played an pivotal role in the history and mythology of India and are a pride to our country’s culture. Through these games we get to know about our culture and history and what is worth mentioning is that these games are suitable for all age groups. Upholding the interaction between generations is what we value.

Standing in 21st century, when video games, play stations and gadgets are ruling the roost, we all have almost forgotten the traditional games of India. Toureto lets its foreign guests recall and replay all these traditional Indian games. The games symbolize rich Indian culture and heritage value. The games that are being played include Satoliya or Pithoo, Kancha, Gutte, Spinning Tops, Gilli danda and more.

The games act as a learning medium. Through these games you get to sharpen your visionary skills and mathematics skills. They teach us many things like how to win, lose, and develop sensory skills followed by improving the hand & eye co-ordination. Apart from this, one can also enhance the skills like logical thinking, strategy building, concentration building and lots more.

So, reconnect with your roots through interactive games and feel the ultimate indulgence.