Interface With Religious Teachers/Preachers

It is known to all and sundry that the Indian subcontinent is deeply rooted in ancient culture and mythology. It is the land of ancient civilization, thereby each and every tourist who throngs this country wants to hark back to the medieval past and make him or her get enriched in Indian mythology. We at Toureto are aware of your fascination and assure you that we can arrange some interactive session with the religious teachers who have plethora of experience in Indian myths, legends and mythologies. These preachers are well versatile and erudite while they recite on the magnum-opus of Indian traditionalism.

It would indeed be a prowess for you as you get to learn the odyssey of these maverick subjects. We would surely arrange a few session with few scholars who have in-depth knowledge on the Mahabharata along with the Ramayana and the Gita. We also make sure that you get a complete knowledge about the major God’s and Goddess and their significance in Indian culture. At the same time this preachers would help you in knowing the significance of the various festivals and the time of the year when it takes place.

Places like Varanasi, Gaya and the temples of Southern India would surely lure you and the stories behind these temples would surely be fascinating when you listen to them. You can also be interested while you visit the temples of Maharashtra and get to know the detailed history of the bygone times.