Our Exclusive “White-Glove” Service

Our exclusive White Glove Service is a comprehensive customer service program that lets travelers create a unique and memorable dream vacation suiting their needs and interests. Our WGS service is tailored to give your VIPs a personalized experience. We are committed to take care of every detail from the moment you arrive till you depart. Our guest assistance begins once you leave home. We give you a welcome call once you reach at your desired destination. Our WGS guest assistance team maintains contact several times throughout your journey to ensure you get an unforgettable travelling experience.

We provide 24-hour customized service and ensure our services go above & beyond to meet your expectations in every possible way. Our guest assistance desk is managed by a team of specialists who are ready to cater your needs and ensure you enjoy every minute of your stay. Our dedicated Consultant takes good care of your needs, providing high quality service. Right from the start to final finish- ranging from opening a package to reviewing the application materials to the shipment of your passport, VISA or other documents, we provide you VIP travel solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations. Ensuring a robust Guest relationship in the travel industry!

Take advantage of Toureto’s White Glove Service (WGS) to ensure your stay becomes a memorable one altogether. To know more about our White Glove Service, do give us a call. Our representative will be ready with gloves on to give you a grand guest welcome.