Puppet Shows

Puppet show is one of the traditional dance form in the state of Rajasthan in India. As we all know Rajasthan is one such state which is deeply rooted in culture, tradition and history. Each and every lanes and by lanes in this city has a history written of its own. Thereby if you’re touring with our company we would make you feel the opulent aroma relating to the deep rooted culture of Rajasthan.

One of the traditional aspects of Rajasthan is the puppet show. Tribes of Rajasthan have been performing this art since the ancient times. According to legends and myths somewhere around 1500 years ago the Bhatt community started this tradition. Later the kings promoted this craftsmanship. Presently it upholds a social message through in a satirical form.

We make sure that we are taking you to the best shows which would run while you pay a visit to Rajasthan. The skilled guides that we have will foretell you the entire history about the dance show and more importantly it will allow you to understand the language by acting as an interpreter.

Basically we take you to the venue in car or at times if you are interested to take a ride in the camel we would avail one for ou till the venue is reached.