Sari Tying Demonstration

Sari is deeply rooted in Indian culture and symbolizes the classic attire of one of the ancient civilizations. In India, Saris have contributed a lion’s share in traditional art form. A sari looks extraordinary and compliments the physique of every woman. At Toureto, we organize sari tying session, where you visit various centers & get to learn the techniques of new drapes. Our session is well accompanied by a brief discussion from weavers on various types of saris, being donned in various parts of India.

At Toureto, we give you the chance to experience the rich culture and traditions of India when you sign up for India Cultural Tours. We organize sari tying demonstrations for vacationers visiting India. At the time of tying session, you can enjoy a casual conversation about the lifestyle, culture, customs and hospitality. With our small guided culture tour, you get to experience the art and techniques of wearing a traditional Indian sari.

With the sari tying session, Touret welcomes you to indulge in the rich culture and traditions of India while letting you savor the style fabrics. So, sign up for cultural tours and try experimenting with some drapes on your own.