Tying A Turban Session

Willing to learn turban tying of different styles? The Royal land of India gives every vacationer in India a chance to master the significant art form. At Toureto, we give you the chance to experience the vibrant folk cultures and traditions of Rajasthan when you sign up for India Cultural Tours. We not only take you to this magical land but also let you feel the presence of Royal aura. The most vital aspect of traditional Rajasthani attire is Turban or ‘Pagdi’. The turban in Rajasthan is considered as a symbol of honor, respect, chivalry.

At Toureto, we organize turban tying session from experts for vacationers visiting India. We not only let you don the brightly colored Royal Rajasthani turbans available in different parts of India but also give you a platform to learn the tying procedure. You will be greeted by a warm welcome whenever you interact with the natives. At the time of tying session, you can enjoy a casual conversation about the lifestyle, culture, customs and hospitality. With our small guided culture tour, you get to experience the true essence and warmth of Indian hospitality.

So, sign up for Cultural tours, take advantage of Toureto’s Turban Tying session to experience the vibrant folk cultures and traditions of Rajasthan. To know more about our Service, do give us a call.