Tour Guides and Drivers

Tour Guides and Drivers

As an authorized service provider we are duty bound to provide the best transportation facilities so that the entire travelling in India can be carried on with ease. We will help you in booking all the accommodation that you are in need of and drive you to the desired destination that you wish to go.

Our cordial drivers will greet you at the airport and take you to the destination that wish to travel. As a service provider we are available for the entire 24 hours during your stay. The tour driver’s pivotal job is to drive you safely and smoothly from one of the destination to the other. They can take you to the best restaurants and the historical places which you would love to visit.

The drivers will wait as long as you pay the visit and will take care of the luggage and the belongings. Some of the drivers will help you in purchasing the tickets at the heritage sites.

In south India we will have different set of drivers, as it is not possible to send across a driver from North India to South India. A driver might come and join you in South India and serve as a local driver.

As of the tour guide is concerned he will travel and attend and accompany the guest throughout the tour. He must be having a valid guiding license authorized by the Government of India.  They need to sit for an exam and undergo a training of both theory and practical for a period of six month.

The tourist will be escorted and the guide will assist you for the check-in and check out at the hotels. They will guide you and make you understand in detail regarding the historical settings along with the cultures and the symbolism of the structures. A guide will be at the clearance throughout the tour. The tour guides fee will always include costs for the accommodation and cuisines.

Since they have a vast knowledge regarding the local happenings, he at times plans the itinerary and determines the best routes and the concerned sites of visit. If you are interested in tasting the local foods he arranges it from the local hotels which are quite popular as street foods in India.

What it can be said is the knowledgeable guides and the drivers are some of the professional experts allowing you to carry out your leisure with ease. It is our duty in making your trip memorable and thereby be rest assured of getting the best tourist guides and drivers from us.