Travelling Tips

Travelling Tips

Weather in India- The sub continental country of India has tropical monsoonal climate, since the major part of the country lies within the tropics and the climate is influenced by monsoon. The positions of the mountain ranges along with the direction of the rain bearing winds are couple of major factors that influence the climate of the season.

During the month of June, the Northern plains experience a very high temperature which rises up to 45 degrees. It is to be noted that the state of Rajasthan can even experience temperature up to 55 degrees. On the other hand Gulmarg and Pahalgam experiences temperatures ranging till 20 degrees.

During the month of December the area of Dars In kargil sector of Kashmir, the temperature generally drops down to -40 degree. Mausimram near Cherapunji in Meghalaya receives an annual rainfall of around 1080 cm.

There are various other climatic diversifications in the country which needs to read with minute details. To be honest the best possible time to visit India is between Novembers to March when the temperature is adjustable for the tourists. With maximum of the hotels being accommodated with air condition and superlative facilities, it can be the ideal time to throng in.

The various languages and Religions– This is a country which can be undoubtedly be defined as a conglomeration of numerous ethnic groups and varied cultures. With the existence of plethora of beliefs and customary it is to be noted that the languages do vary from state to state. As of the current data from India is concerned, 18 languages have been given the recognition as national language. Hindi is the most common and National language of the country. English is widely spoken in the bigger cities and the Metropolitans and is the official language of the country.

Hinduism accounts for nearly 80% of the religious ethnicity and occupies the core of the population, followed by Muslims which is the second largest population of the country. Apart from Hindus and Muslims there are Christians along with Sikhs, Bhuddist, jains and Parsis.

Passport and Visa– As a traveler from abroad one needs to avail visa before arriving in India. It is to be noted that the passport remains valid for a period of six month before the planned date of return. A standard Visa can be beneficial for maximum customers but there will be a restriction that is imposed and special permit is needed if you are visiting Gujarat along with Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar islands.

A traveler having a tourist Visa must allow at least a couple of month gap before re-entering the boundaries of the country. If you transit India, you are allowed to visit the countries of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan along with Nepal and Bhutan. What you need to do is get a re-entry permit from the embassy of India.

Money exchanges– ATM’s are available in larger towns. It is being advised to consult your bank in advance in order to determine if you will be able to use ATM along with credit cards during the travelling period.

Cash along with bank notes and traveler cheques up to US$10,000 or equivalent are not needed to be declared at the time of entry. Other major curries are exchanged at the airport and major cities.

Food and accommodation- India is known for food and hospitality and if you are visiting this awe-inspiring country you won’t be devoid of tasting quality cuisines. Each and every state and culture has a taste of its own. Thereby you are sure to get an array of taste commencing from the spicy North Indian delicacies to the sea foods of Western India and the mouth watering traditional and authentic South Indian cuisines.

As of the accommodation is concerned, the various hotels in the country are well equipped with rated facilities and all that you need in order to be at repose during your travel.

Transportation– Though the country is well connected with roads and railways, we make sure that you are availing the best transports and vehicle which would allow you to carry out the journey with ease. Our transportation agents will allow you to make yourself relaxed and be in comfort.