Visa from Government of India: The government of India promotes the financial interests of the Indian commercial class and creates awareness about the India through the various Indian embassies and the consulates in India.

Government of India has introduced E-tourist visa facilities scheme for several countries like Australia along with USA and European countries. It is also being applied for tourists of Canada and the UK.

The foreign travelers can avail E-tourist Visa for a period of one month which includes the rank of tourism along with medical facilities and casual visit to friends and relatives. These facilities cannot be availed for holders of diplomatic passports. It is also not granted to the foreigners who are having permanent residence or occupation in the country of India. These individuals can visit India on normal Visa as being applicable.

Tourist visa for Canadian citizens– Canadian citizen using a Canadian passport are in need of a Visa during a visit to India. Since India has launched E-Visa system which can be availed by the Canadians also. The entire processing takes around 3-12 working days. The citizens will get their Visas stamped into the passport upon arrival at one of sixteen major airports of India. The government of India allows the Canadian citizens in applying for simple tourist and simple business trip Visas without having to send in your passport. For one stay visa is being available for a period of one month. The entire modus-operandi is carried out on-line.

Tourist Visa for American citizens– A valid passport and commercial Visa are required for travelling to India. As for passport requirement original passport and a single copy of your image with a signature is to be submitted. The traveler should sign his or her own visa application form along with the signatures on the application must match the particular signature in the passport of the applicants.

The Indian visa applications are generally printed on couple of pages and signed on both the sides. The applicant must sign under the photo on the very first page and at the bottom of the second page. The entire approach is carried on through online portal. When you visit the official website of Indian government, you need to select the orange button on the left that says “Regular Visa application” in commencing the Visa application form.  A proof of address and checking the registry of the trip with the embassy In India is to be carried out.

Tourist Visa for Australians– The travelers who are travelling to India must follow some piece of advice. One needs to visit and gather all the necessary information. The Australian consulate general in Mumbai and Chennai are also equipped in providing consular services. If you are all in readiness to prepare your application one can visit the relevant website and get information on Visa along with passport and OCI information.

Tourist visa for Citizens of the UK and Europe– The very first thing one need to do is visit the website of Indian embassy. In case of citizens of the UK, India has outsourced its Visa application services to VFS global. You can visit the website All the applicants must make a prior appointment to visit an application center. One should indicate the intent if he or she is willing to visit a restricted zone in the country. For nationals of UK the cost of transit Visa is 56 pounds and for tourist visas it is 102 pounds and for business visa it is 112 pounds.

Other nationals of Europe need to pound for transit visas and tourist visa for up-to 32 pounds which is applicable for six months and 52 pound for a single calendar year. E-tourist visa is being application for one month and the transit visa will stay up to 15 days.