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Visa is something that allows you or gives permit to other country for a certain period of time. Along with the Passport, Visa is also a mandatory thing if you want to go abroad for studies or for exploring. Visa on arrival favour is granted to 52 countries to be able to purchase the visa on arrival at their particular airports. Some of them include India, USA, UK, Russia, Taiwan and a lot more. If a certain person wants to visit Indonesia, he must be either one from those 52 countries. Besides, Indonesian government offers free visa facility for 11 countries. Also, tourist visa from some particular countries have to be rechecked and that considered a person can be examined. All this process will take 2 months.

Tourist Visa and its Validity
When it comes to tourist visa, tourists from those particular 52 countries are only eligible for this Indonesian visa through Visa on Arrival facility. And some other countries can get free visa. Transit visa will cost 10 US Dollars and have validity of one week while tourist visa has a validity of one month and will cost 25 US dollars. The arrival day is also counted in those 30 days if you are visiting Indonesia through a Tourist Visa. And once the validity of a visa ends, oneisto leave the country. There is no chance of extending it or converting it into any other visa. The extension of a visa will be valid only if one is ill, or suffers an accident or due to natural calamities. 20 US Dollars per day will be fined if one does not leave the country when the visa expires.

How to get an Indonesian    
If you’re a tourist and want to visit Indonesia, you can simply apply for a visa at the airport. You can enjoy your holidays for 2 months. If you are a student and you want to study in Indonesia, you have to submit all your certificates and college admission letters to the airport officials. Visa is allocated as per a single entry policy.

Before applying for the visa, make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity from the date of visa application. You’ve to fill the application form andpaste your one passport sized photo in colour. Show your tickets and answer all the questions they ask. You can show the hotel reservations if you made these in advance and also a Bank Statement that is dated less than a month with a minimum balance of £ 1,000. If you are a self employed or illiterate person, you have to bring a letter from your higher official or your bank manager. If you’re a student, you must submit your graduation certificates and attendance sheet. If you are from any ill famed country,written approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia is mandatory. The payment mode of visa includes debit card payment and bank draft.

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