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The weather in Japan varies substantially from north to south. But as Japan doesn’t experience extreme temperatures, it is fine to visit Japan any time. In winter, the average temperature is 5OC or 41OF and in summer it is about 25OC or 77OF. Though monsoons are pretty mild in most parts, some parts are prone to typhoons (tropical cyclones) so you should avoid them during the late summer.
Autumn (mid September to November) and spring (mid March to May) are the most pleasant seasons. In autumn, you can take delight in the changing colours of the foliage and in spring the famous cherry blossoms of Japan are in bloom.
If you dislike cold weather, then you can avoid the months of December till mid March. But keep in mind that the mountains of Japan experience heavy snowfall and look right out of a fairytale – covered in white. Skiing, snowboarding and the wonderful hot springs in the middle of the snow-covered mountains can be enjoyed during winter.
Summer (June to mid September) is hot and humid, especially July and August. So, if you are averse to hot weather, you can avoid these months. However, most of Japan’s cultural festivals and firework displays are during these months.
Remember that different parts of Japan experience different weather at one time and have different flora, fauna, and culture.

Compared to some Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and China, Japan is more expensive but compared to countries like Switzerland, UK, France, Australia and the Scandinavian countries, Japan is cheaper. We can customize an enjoyable holiday in Japan in your budget.

Traditionally, the most popular Japanese foods worldwide have been Sushi (raw fish with rice), Ramen (egg noodles in a salty broth), Unagi (grilled freshwater eel coated in barbeque sauce) and Tempura (a style of batter frying sea food and vegetables). So, you should definitely try these.

It really depends on your itinerary. If you do not need to travel by rail much, then it could end up being expensive.

Yes, Japan is a wonderful family destination. Kids can visit amusement arcades, play at the beach, enjoy the theme parks, try some martial arts, among other things, while their parents can relax and discover the culture and heritage of Japan.