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Travelling Tips

Nepal is mostly known for its beautiful landscape. Here are the tips that will help you if you want to visit Nepal in future.

  • If you want to trek, it is best to hire an experienced Sherpa. You can go with fellow tourists which is easy to find via online forum. Do a background check before going with them.
  • Roads and highways of Nepal are not as beautiful as the landscape. It is always crowded with traffic, dusty and air pollution is a common thing. It is advisable not to travel by bike or cycles for the most part of the city. Although you can travel in by it in some mountain trails. If you are travelling by taxi, pay according to the running meter. After 10 pm, you will be charged extra.
  • Exchange all your Nepalese rupees before leaving the country. It is not accepted anywhere outside Nepal.
  • The toilets in Nepal may not be suitable for you. Carry hand sanitizer and tissue paper in toilets. You may have to squat there. So, be prepared for it.
  • Do not eat local tap water. Drink packaged mineral water only and stay away from eating raw vegetables and pre-cut street fruits.
  • Try local food rather than western foods. You can taste foods from all over the country in Thamel or eat local food like rice with lentils. If you are not sure where and what to eat, ask your guide to help you.
  • Nepalese eat food with their hand. You can try it too for new experience rather than eating with usual fork. Eating with right hand is a gesture for gratitude in Nepal.
  • Don’t give money to beggars and street children since the money they earn, don’t even reach to them. You can donate in NGOs if you really want to help them.
  • There is a non-plastic initiative in Nepal. Don’t use plastic and support the initiative.
  • Marijuana is prohibited in Nepal. If you are carrying it, you can face serious problem.
  • Most of the bars and restaurants are closed after 10 pm. Don’t go to exotic dance bars in Pokrah and Kathmandu, they have a history of violence and scam for foreigners. Also it will charge you more for food and alcohol.
  • Nepal uses 220 V so you have to make sure to carry universal chargers and adapter for electronic gadgets.

Respect locals and especially older people. Have a happy journey!