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Nepal is one of the countries that facilitate its tourists with Visa on arrival at the Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport and many land borders. The visa in Nepal is valid for an entry of three to six months and is a must have for all foreigners except Indians. Children of any age under 10 also require a visa, but that is free of charge. People living in the South Asian countries and China are given free of cost visas if they visit Nepal once in a calendar year.

In order to get an on arrival Visa, one must first fill an application form which is provided on arrival to the airport, or some airlines prefer giving it on the flight itself. One has to provide a passport sized photograph. For electronic passport users, they now have visa registration machines, which fill out the forms on their own after you insert your passport in it. The pricelist for particular single-entry visa duration is given below.

Number of Days Price in USD
15 25
30 40
90 100


At the Kathmandu Airport, all major currencies are accepted, whereas on the land borders, the fee is only payable in US Dollars.

Multiple entry visas
Multiple-entry visas come in handy when you plan on touring the other neighbouring countries as well. You have the option of converting your single-entry visa to a multiple-entry visa by paying $20 at the Immigration Office at the Kathmandu Airport. Overstaying your visa can cause you to pay a fine of $3 per day and $2 per day as visa extension fee, if you have overstayed less than 30 days. To avoid paying the overstaying fine, you can either wisely choose a longer period visa or go for visa extensions. Visa Extensions are easily available at the Immigration office in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The minimum extension cost is $30 for 15 days and $2 per day after that. Similarly, an extra 30 days will cost you $50. The fee is payable only in rupees.

Visa Extension
The Visa extension will require your passport, the fee, one photo and an already filled online application form. Have all your documents together with you before lining up in the queue. Also, make sure you have an adequate number of photos with you. Visa extensions are available on the same day, usually in a span of two hours. Travellers can have their work done in just 10 minutes by paying an extra fee of Rs 300. Your tourist visa can be extended for a total of 150 days in a calendar year. As you get close, you need to show your air ticket to show that you’re actually leaving the country. For further detailed information, log on to the website of Department of Immigration (

Click here to download Nepal visa application form –