Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy of visitor to our website or customer availing our tour packages is important to us. The policy has been designed for a better understanding of how we make use of personal information, collect, communicate, and disclose details.


The term ‘we’ , ‘our’, us will be used to refer owners of Toureto. The term ‘you’ will be used to refer users, viewers and customers of Toureto.

This document reflects our commitment towards keeping your personal details protected. It states the usage of the provided information maintaining the security measures.

The Policy stands applicable only to website users. Hence, you are requested to carefully read and completely understand the clauses. You thereby consent to the information sharing with other agencies and companies associated with Toureto to further provide satisfactory service to you.

Clauses not defined in this document will be stated in the company’s terms and conditions.

This document elaborates:

  • Details we may find about you online
  • The use of technologies on our website
  • Usage of your details shared by you
  • The circumstances under which your details may be disclosed to other companies
  • Use of your contact details to connect with you

Details Collected:

You can visit our website, without sharing your details with us. However, certain sections may be restricted for public browsing and would ask for registration. You will have to input your information and other required details.

Details collected by our team may vary as per the activity you choose to engage. This may include your full name, age, email address, place of residence, phone number and financial information, if applicable. Further, we may also ask for demographic information, hardware, software, platform, media, Internet Protocol (IP) address and connection. This information may be used to customize our service to suit your requirements. Take a look at the svenska casino på nätet

Apart from financial information, we do not ask for any other sensitive personal information (SPI) during the course of rendering services to you.

SPI includes your password; your physical condition, physiological and mental health condition; biometric information, sexual orientation, medical records and history and financial information (such as bank account details or credit card numbers).

All information collected will not be shared, circulated, or used without your prior consent.

Personal Information and its use

“Personal Information” defines any detail you may be using to identify yourself and is not publically available, however is not restricted to your name, age, place, email address, contact number etc.

We may ask for your personal information, we you opt for any of our available services. Whenever you contact us for any query or subscribe to our newsletter or input your details in tour questionnaire, we will use your name or full name along with email address to send your desired details or marketing/promotional offers. At any point in time, if you wish to not receive details from us, you can send us an email with a stop request or unsubscribe to our newsletter.

Our website may also utilize “cookies”. Cookie helps you to recall already filled in personal details. You can always block cookies, but note that you will have to re-enter your personal information or password wherever the website prompts.

Usage and Sharing of Personal Information

Apart from contacting you using your personal information, your details will be also used for auditing and analysis. In some circumstances, your non-personal information may be shared with third party companies and website. This is done when we use other agencies and companies to assist us to provide you better service.

Confidentiality & Security

All personal information and details provided by you will be kept confidential and protected with us except for the places where it is required to disclose. The details are saved in databases stored on secured servers. Your information is not shared with the employees except in the cases where it is required to render you services opted by you.

Links of Third Party Websites on Our Website

During the use of our website, in case you choose to click on any third party website, we do not accept responsibility of your personal details. Since we cannot control the functionality of third party websites we cannot guarantee whether the other website adhere to the same policies or clauses.

Connecting with users and customers

You will be contacted using your Personal Information provided by you. You will be contact in relation to the services you may have opted for. To provide satisfactory services and desired product, team Toureto will be contacting you either through phone or email.

Your details will also be used for the following-

  • For inviting you for surveys
  • For inviting you to participate in opinion polls
  • Sending newsletters and promotional offers

Note that all participation is carried on voluntary consent. Where you have issued a query or requested information from us.

Change of Website and Company Control

Under any circumstances if the ownership of the company or control of the website changes and is transferred to any other holdings, your details may be also transferred. You will be informed and you can choose whether to transfer your details.

Content Accuracy

All information provided by use accepted as correct and accurate information. Should there is a need to change, modify or update your personal details, you may contact us immediately. We will make all efforts to update the changes. All emails received are replied within 2 weeks.

User Consent

Visiting our website, you agree to the stated clauses and the manner we use your information. Should there be any change in the policy, we would ensure that the updates are brought to your notice.


All information provided here, will be governed by the laws of the Canada in relation to any disputes arising between customer and Toureto or user/view and Toureto.