City Tours

Traveling all over India requires you to have quite a long period of time at your disposal. There are a large number of tourist attractions perched in different parts of the nation that have been attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. Starting from historical forts, educational and research institutions, museums, monuments, gardens, parks, places of worships, beaches all can comfortably be a part of the city tours of India.

There are a number of tour organizers who might help you in planning an ideal kind of city tour inside this nation that you get to enjoy every bit of your traveling around different parts of the city. However, you must design your plan for traveling according to your convenience and comfortable journey. Taj Mahal, the architectural wonder situated in Agra is your ultimate experience of being up, close and personal with the tomb that is the emblem of love in this nation.

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The cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Jaipur and Udaipur are famous worldwide for the beautiful relics that keep reminding us of the legacy of the Rajput dynasties. The grand palaces and forts have beautiful carvings on the walls to leave all the onlookers mesmerized by a simple look at them.

The many beautiful cities located in South India are famous for completely different reasons than those in the North India. Other than a few cities offering a great view of temples with beautiful carvings on them, most of the South Indian cities are famous for their sea fronts, beaches, lush greenery, etc. Even a city tour of South India can help you experiencing a great tour while you are in Munnar, Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, etc.

The historical monuments of the Mughal times and the Sultanate help you enjoy a great historical tour of the different cities in North India. Apart from examples of the Mughal grandeur and the Sultanate era of exuberance, different North Indian cities also have a number of Hindu temples to offer you an insight into the lives and religious beliefs of people living in ancient India.

The great Nizams had left the mark of the extravaganza of an Indian kingdom located in Andhra Pradesh and its capital, Hyderabad. While discussing the city tour of India, you can never forget the cultural capital of the nation Kolkata and the financial one, Mumbai. Both of these cities offer you a great tour of the nearby locations that have a number of exciting tourist destinations to explore. The most interesting factor about a city tour of India is you need to be at different parts of India and in different corners of the nation.

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