There is no doubt about the fact that Chennai has remained since the ancient age, capital of an indigenous civilization in South Asia. Leading the Dravidian civilization, different rulers of Chennai has a great role to play in controlling the discourse of history in this part of the nation. The fascinating history of Chennai has seen it grow into one of the largest and fastest growing Metropolitan cities in India that started its journey as a tiny fishing village.

The charm of South India is completely different from the northern part of this nation. Among the cities located in South India, Chennai has the maximum number of temples devoted to different gods and goddesses. The city has a wide range of magnificence to offer when you reach their for a pleasure tour. The oldest Anglican Church in India, The Cathedral and Basilica of San Thome was built in this city in the 17th century. This place is replete with a number of colonial structures with a prominent Anglicized influence in them.

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The notion is completely incorrect that Chennai has always been the center of Hindu cultural heritage in the southern part of the nation. This city has long been considered as the entry point of Christianity to not only India, but to this part of the world. Little Mount and St. Thomas Mount are the two centers of Christian pilgrimage in this city.

Being the birthplace of Tamil culture and social habits of Dravidians, the inside and outer periphery of the city has seen the building of a large number of temples. Some of these temples are more than 5,000 years old and are clustered near Mahabalipuram. The famous relics surrounding the Shore Temple are at a distance of an hour’s drive from Chennai.

Chennai is the ideal point to start your tour of South India. With a couple of museums dedicated to the history and culture of the city, its culture, this place has ample storage of elements to prove its social hierarchy in the ancient times. The Portuguese, British and Muslim invaders made an involuntary amalgamation of multiple cultures. They found Chennai to be the ideal melting point of cultural traits from all different parts of the world.

Apart from education and political exuberance, people living in this part of the nation proved their expertise in theatre, cinema, dance, music, etc. Tamil cinema, by its own means, has earned a respectable position in Indian regional cinema being made in different states of the nation. Tamil movies are so popular in India and a few other nations outside it that they are shown in the Middle East, Gulf area, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, North America, Europe, etc. While planning for your Chennai itinerary, you can have a day off for a regional movie in a multiplex. Remain assured of the fact that the experience is surely going to be an interesting one.


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4:30pm to 7pm (All days except Sundays)  Located outside Anderson Church, opposite Madras High Court on NSC Bose Road, markets present the true side of the city. Georgetown is one such bustling place; where mythology, history and folklore intertwine to give you a palette of living India.

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