Apart from being the commercial capital and also the gateway to Kerala, Cochin is one of the most culturally rich cities of the state. Due to its ample natural beauty, Kerala is one of the fastest growing vacation spots of the world. Cultural diversity, rich heritage, throbbing intellectual presence has always made this place one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in India.

Cochin is also dubbed as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’.  The cultural confluence created by streams from different ethnic groups like the English, Dutch, Jews, Portuguese, Arabs, Chinese, Islamic, Dravidian, etc. As a trade hub, this city has become the ideal cross between the Oriental and Western culture prominent in this part of the world.

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The signature tourist attractions of Cochin like very old churches built in South Asia, a 400 year old synagogue and a few even older mosques, temples creating a beautiful cityscape for the city. Cochin of its modern form can be divided into three parts viz. Mattancherry, the cultural center of the city, Fort Cochin’s colonial quarter and Ernakulam, the modern business hub.

A trip to Cochin can never be complete without a visit to the Mattancherry Palace. This palace was built in 1555 and was a gift to the local Maharaja from the Portuguese for having trade concessions. The entry of the Portuguese has a very important role to play in making this town a trade hub a plethora of different European powers. The astoundingly beautiful murals of Mattancherry Palace depict multiple anecdotes from different Hindu scriptures. There is a complete gallery of portraits of a number of Maharajas who have once ruled in the region with conviction. Visitors can have a look at the jewellery, palanquins and a large stock of royal outfits.

Pardesi Synagogue is one tourist attraction that must be there in the itinerary of people on a Cochin tour. The Jewish community living in this region trace its root back in the Jew Town, one of the oldest Jewish settlements in the Indian sub-continent. The beautiful Jewish buildings offer you a fascinating discovery of a part of the local culture. Your tour of the serene and sublime backdrop of this town is surely going to allow you enjoying a mind-blowing holiday tour.


Enjoy the leisure of backwaters of Alleppy, better known as Venice of East, on a boat for 3 hours. Be a witness to rural life of southern India with coconut fringed shores and paddy fields. You will be served with lunch, beverages and snacks on board. The backwaters will transcend you to the world of tranquillity.

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Niagra Falls of India, Athirapally Falls is located 55 kms away from Cochin; a place blessed with nature’s unexplored bounty. Come over to explore what you have only seen in pictures.

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A day trip to Kumarakom from Cochin has so much to take back home as memories. You will be visiting the Bird Sanctuary on the banks of Vembanad Lake. Before climbing up houseboat for an eye pleasing view, you will visit driftwood museum which exhibits driftwood sculptures. Richly accentuated interiors presenting portmanteau of Portuguese and Kerala […]

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In the South western corner of India, Kochi is the Gateway to Kerala. As per history, Kochi was the door for European settlers in India. Unleash the Portuguese lanes of Kochi, traditional Chinese fishing nets on bamboo and teakwood poles, Dutch graveyard and Jewish Synagogue. Embrace the sunset in the shimmery Arabian Sea.

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