Leh is the land that completes the meaning of paradise in every sense of scenic beauty. The mesmerizing landscapes of magnificent snow filled Himalayan ranges, the lush green beauty of the valleys along with the sparkling water will enthrall your every moment in this paradise. Separated from the crowds and noises of the city, Leh is a place of rejuvenation and complete relaxation of your senses. The breathtaking beauty of this land pulls the interest of tourists not only from India but also from countries situated in various parts of the world.

Serene and calm, Leh is the ultimate destination for relaxation and to spend your vacation in the most fruitful way. This is a home to all those who are addicted to adventure because Leh offers some of the best trekking experience in the world. Leh is also vibrant in terms of spirituality because it has some beautiful and ancient monasteries such as Royal Palace, Raisi Fort, Likir, Spituk, Phyang and Thiksey that rests in this land of serene beauty.

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One of the most famous places to visit in Leh is Pangong Lake which is just 160 km from Ladakh. It is a very thrilling drive to Pangong Lake, which provides lots of scenic beauties on the way to this land of nature’s beauty. The area surrounding this lake is always blessed with pleasant weather in every season of the year.

You can also drive to the beautiful Tsomoriri Lake that takes almost six to seven hours from Leh. The drive offers some great adventures and thrilling moments to experience on the path. This lake rests in the quiet region of Rupshu valley.

If you are researching about Leh, then you must have surely heard about the great Magnetic Hill that is known for its magnetic properties. Yes, Leh has some great wonders and Magnetic hill is one of the best among them. Due to the strong gravitational pull of this region aircrafts have been known to fly in higher altitude to avoid any magnetic interference.

For trekkers who love adventures, Nubra valley provides a great experience because it has some colossal trails that can really challenge your hiking skills. Also, famous as the “Valley Of Flowers”, this valley can mesmerize you with the scenic beauty of its lush green landscape.

Leh is also a home to those people looking for spiritual peace. Near the Nubra valley, you can find the great Diskit Gompa which is popular for its massive size and beauty. Wait, the Shanti Stupa can be another place to hook your spiritual interest. Located in a hammock in Leh, this is a white shrine that has some wonderful Buddha statue, holy relics and holy books sealed inside for the future generations.

The Khardanfgula Pass can also raise your eyebrows for it provides the best motor ride experience at an altitude of 5359 meters.  This is a great adventure filled journey entwined with wonderful scenic beauties.

If you are still not satisfied, then Leh still has various other loads of fun, adventure and scenic beauty to mesmerize your soul. Come visit Leh and experience the difference in you.


Ladakh is home to beautiful monasteries and amicable people. Plan a trip to this heaven on earth and you’ll not be disappointed. Get a glimpse of the rich heritage and myriad culture in this amazing tour.

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Enjoy a splendid vacation in Leh where you get to explore the beautiful monasteries. Meet the amicable locals and get to know about their culture and traditions. Away from the chaos of the concrete world, this magnificent Himalayan paradise will take leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Plan a vacation to Leh and lose your heart in this Himalayan paradise. There is something for everyone in these amazing destinations. You get to explore the region and peek into the culture and heritage of the region.

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Spend your time in the picture perfect setting of Leh and make the most of your vacation. Surrounded by snow peaked mountains, this Himalayan destination is greatly loved by tourists. Get a glimpse of the rich culture and heritage.

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