This is a holy city located at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This place became world famous after the Beatles visit in the 1960s, when they spent a considerable amount of time in the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram.

The holy river of Ganga splits the city in two parts. You can frequently spot one sadhu/ holy man or the other wearing saffron robes performing a number of ascetic rituals. This city is often referred to as “The World Capital of Yoga”. There are  numerous ashrams in Rishikesh that are perfect for meditation retreats, yoga spas that have acquired popularity in the world over in the last few years as Yoga has gained popularity in different western countries.

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Lakshman Jhula, the suspended bridge with steel-cables across the river Ganges attract tourists from all around the world. The 13 story white and orange exterior of the temple of Shri Trayanbakshwar beckon travelers and all devout Hindus to explore the beauty and aesthetics of this temple. There are numerous other shrines too, dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses. A traveler gets to explore all these places.

The Swarg Ashram, located less than a mile beyond Trayanbakshwar Temple features shrines, temples, yoga training centers against a beautiful background of dense forest. Bathing at the Ghats of river Ganges, numerous spiritual rights performed in the region must not be missed during a visit to Rishikesh.

The gastronomic journey:

Rishikesh is a predominantly vegetarian city and the ideal pilgrimage point for all domestic and international tourists alike. The pan Indian taste can be enjoyed in the roadside eateries of this city, while bakeries and cafeterias are also ready with their long list of delicacies for catering tourists from across the globe.

Right time to visit:

The time between October and March offers the best weather to explore all tourist destinations in Rishikesh because of the spectacular landscape and mystical elements of nature during these months. This city is the gateway to the Himalayan Mountains in all North Indian states of Uttarakhand. It can be reached quite easily by private vehicles from the nearby town, Haridwar.

Appropriate attire while visiting the city:

You can wear western-wear in the town. However, most of the Hindu temples might require you to cover arms, shoulders, and knees while on holy grounds. Certain places require the visitors to remove shoes before entering a shrine.


Experience bliss and bounty in the lap of nature at Rishikesh. Visit the much talked about Lakshman Jhula Bridge, Market, and River Ganga, Ram Jhulam and some ashrams and temples. Take time off from your mundane routine and rejuvenate yourself at Rishikesh. Get insights about the importance of River Ganges and ancient Hindu traditions.

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