Udaipur is undoubtedly among the most romantic cities in India. The beautiful palaces and lakes of this city make an ultimate visual treat for all the tourists to this part of the nation. Featuring prominently in the long list of top tourist attractions of Rajasthan, this city is surely among the places that attract the largest group of tourists to Rajasthan. Exploring different interesting elements of tourists’ interest is the experience of sheer bliss that can be achieved by reliving its regal legacy.

Eating millet must be a very important part of your Udaipur trip, especially in the Mewar restaurant in the area of Hanuman Ghat. Food enjoyed here are healthy, organic, tasty and inexpensive too. People from all around the world love food served in this region.

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City Palace Complex: After India became a democracy, the royal families and their ruling procedures did not become non-existent. Their states got merged with the democratic structure of modern India after independence. Like many other forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the City Palace Complex was also converted in to a luxurious hotel. The profit earned from this hotel is the royal family’s income to sustain their family and all vital expenses. A perfect pleasure destination perched in the middle of Lake Pichola. This is the biggest palace complex among all found in Rajasthan.

Bagore Ki Haveli: This is one of the architectural splendours present in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Mewar’s Prime Minister built this structure in the 18th century. After 5 years long restoration work, finally the Haveli could be converted into a museum. A lazy walk through the corridors of this beautiful construction offers you simple joy and a clear insight into the royal lifestyle. More than 100 rooms, the courtyards, terraces, all the frescos, paintings on the walls, costumes displayed, puppet gallery, everything take you on a journey of the majestic past of the royal family that used to live here.

Fateh Sagar Lake & Lake Pichola: Fateh Sagar Lake is located towards the north of Lake Pichola. Both of these water bodies are connected through a canal. They are the most popular man-made lakes in Udaipur. A boat ride on the Lake Pichola allows you the privilege of having a completely different perspective to the city of Udaipur.

Jagdish Temple: The milky white Hindu temple bearing intricate carvings and architectural designs make it the unmistakably splendid landmark located in the Lal Ghat area close to the entrance of City Palace. This temple built in 1961 by Maharana Jagat Singh houses an idol of Lord Jagannath in black stone. The worship of the god at every sunrise and sunset create a serene effect on every devotees mind.

Udaipur is one of the Rajasthani cities that are still carrying forward their legacies in the form of the majestic palaces forts and other architectural wonders built ages back. As a tourist, you are allowed to be a part of this beautiful place while enjoying the ambiance of regal splendour of the lost era.


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One doesn’t even require a whole day to explore two of Udaipur’s architectural gems; Udaipur City Palace and Jagdish Temple. All you need is a company of an expert guide, and hotel’s pickup and drop-off facility.

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Spend an evening in Udaipur with mesmerizing honey licked dusk. Boating along the strands of Lake Pichola nourishes your mind, body, soul with priceless serenity. Watch sunset illuminating the sky with majestic palaces sharing its magnanimity alongside.

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Other than being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also the birthplace of the fearless Maharana Pratap, warrior of Mewar. Even the mighty Mughals could not overtake it. They sought help with the combined armies of Delhi, Marwar and Amber to breach its defence. Standing majestically on 1180m high ridge, representing the past glory […]

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