If you are all in readiness to visit the east and plunge in the opulent aroma of bliss and tranquility, then the oriental country of India is perfect to lure you. The land is symbolic of the traditional culture, mythology and various other forms of art and architecture. The natural alluringness and the diverse wildlife is absolutely tailor made which can be thronged by tourists any time of the year.

Our assurance:We take up the onus in making you explore the majestic treasures of this awe-inspiring country. The country has varied difference and it often gets quite hectic for an outsider to get used to this major divergence, we as a service provider are standing by to make your trip quite memorable and recognizable. In case of booking hotels along with availing transportation, at the same time availing quality accommodation, our skilled professional takes up the responsibility of making sure that you are availing the correct and appropriate accommodation.

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The ideal tourist destination: Be it the paradisiacal landscape of the Northern Himalayas to the golden flicker of the Thar Desert or the blue waters and the beaches of the South, the geographical bounties are sure to provide you the Midas touch that you were pining for. The land which was once a multitude of maverick legends still hold a special appeal among the mass after the passage of so many years will make you feel the resonation as you turn the pages of the bygone days after reaching this land. Toureto as a tourist guide will proudly assist you in knowing what importance the country of India holds in the global pedestal.

Majestic architectures: The titanic architectures are reflectors of the yester years, at the same time you will get the opportunity to witness some of the best temples depicting an urge for creating superlative architecture at the same time proving the in-depth knowledge in mythology and spirits.

The appealing state of Rajasthan: The state of Rajasthan, lying to the west end of the country is one of the country depicting winsome hues of culture, tradition and more importantly art and literature. The state has everything to make an extra appeal. As for instance the Thar Desert and the royal places and the pink city of Jaipur all in conglomeration makes Rajasthan a perfect place to visit. Apart from the pink city you can also visit the cities of Bikener, Jodpur, where you can witness numerous forts built by the Rajput kings during their tenure. It also depicts the royal patronage and the valor of the Rajputs. Do not forget to take a ride in the camel and taste the mouth watering cuisines in order to fill your appetite. If you are visiting during the Pushkar fair, you can be rest assured to witness the purchase of camels.

A country deeply rooted in spirituality: India is deeply rooted in spirituality and religious carvings, even the kings in the past were keen devotees of Gods and Goddess and did made umpteen temples which apart from proving their significance for architecture, also displays there interest in religious testimonies. Be it temples of the Himalayas or the grand temples in the oceanic state of South each and every temples foretells a different story. We make sure that you are being advised well and all the stories and myths surrounding this temple is sure to provide you outmost interest. Some of the sacred destinations which are to be visited are as follows:

  • Badrinath
  • Haridwar
  • Rishikesh
  • Somenath Temple
  • Rameshwaram Temple
  • Jagannath Temple

History of India: The history of India is quite diverse and quite ancient. Some of the ancient civilizations of the worlds have its roots here. At the same time this part of the world has been prone to some of the best rock cut paintings which can be seen if you pay a visit to Ajanta along with Ellora and Elephanta in the state of Maharashtra. The architecture by the ancient dynasties like the Pandyas, the Channdellas or the Hossalyas or the Senas of Bengal will make you feel the love for history. We make sure that while you are paying this historical visits the rightful transportation is being available for you at a price which is within the grip, at the same time you are explained everything in details relating the past historical stories circulating these structural designs.

Indian beaches– The fantastic sea waters of the south along with Goa and Maharashtra will perfectly be the holiday mood that you are looking forward to. The magnificent seaside brings umpteen joy and repose. You can avail the various therapeutic massages and ayurvedic massages and spa therapies especially if you are honeymooners and in need of some passionate feeling in your partner.

Wildlife– You cannot afford to miss the wildlife of this country; it would be a big miss if this aspect of tourism is not being witnessed by you. The species and the animals along with the birds make the country one of the rich bio-reserves of the globe. India is proud to have several national parks and sanctuaries in various states. This ecological balance of the country is sure to receive kudos from all and sundry. Take time out and do pay a visit to Gir national park, Ranthambore national park, the deltas of Sunderbans in West Bengal and the Asiatic lions. The Bharatpur bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan have the unfathomable power to appeal tourists.  We have access to adequate transportation which will ferry you across to these destinations. Avail our services and drop in to these places in quick time and enjoy the thrill of being in a holiday.

A land of Utopian dreams: India is a land of Utopian dream, which have everything under a single aegis, it is completely rooted in geographical beauty and have always proven its urge and need of architecture and culture over the years. If once visited you would want to revisit country over and over again.

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