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Known for its rich and outstanding heritage, Thailand is a unique country. The only South East Asian nation that was never colonized, Thailand has retained much of its original culture and belief system. Pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, dense jungles, verdant mountains, stunning karst formations, and the remains of ancient empires can all be found in Thailand. The lush forests and jungles in Central and Northern Thailand birthed some of the region’s most powerful dynasties, and the shining sands of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are often cited as some of the world’s best beach destinations.

Northern Thailand
The region where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet is referred to as the Golden Triangle. Lush ranges of verdant mountains, pristine rivers, and thick vegetation shelter dozens of distinct ethnic communities and tribes in this area, but the once rampant poppy cultivation that plagued Thailand’s portion of the Golden Triangle has been replaced with tea and coffee plantations and other sustainable tourism projects led by Thailand’s royal family.

Central Thailand
The country’s agricultural heart, Central Thailand is a mix of gentle plains, rolling hills, placid rivers, and friendly people.The area’s agricultural abundance gave rise to a number of Asia’s most enduring kingdoms, and while much of the ancient majesty of Central Thailand has been reclaimed by the jungle, there are a number of excellent locations, like the Ayutthaya Historical Park, where travelers can get a taste of Thailand’s rich history.

Southern Thailand
A veritable paradise for sun worshippers, the Gulf of Thailand boasts a sterling collection of jewel-like islands, sandy beaches, and exemplary resorts.The Andaman Sea, which is opposite the narrow peninsula of Southern Thailand from the gulf, is renowned for turquoise waters and towering Karst formations.

Historical Expeditions
Kanchanaburi is the only place in that lets people get a glance of the country’s recent past. It is also the place where the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai is located.

Beach Time
The Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea in the southern reaches of the country are two of the world’s most talked about beach destinations. Turquoise waters, pristine sands, and stunning vistas make for truly unforgettable beach experiences.

Jungle Excursions
Whether you are setting off into the jungle atop an elephant or exploring a cascading waterfall on foot, Thailand has hundreds of unique destinations and excursions for jungle explorers that include diverse activities like zip lining.

Snorkelling and Diving
Thailand’s sandy beaches and warm, sparkling waters have made it Southeast Asia’s paramount destination for water sport enthusiasts. Snorkeling and diving are popular in Thailand from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea, and we can suggest and facilitate the best quality experiences based on the time of year you are visiting.

Discovering the Nightlife
From the humming dance clubs of Bangkok to the boisterous beach parties of Phuket, Thailand’s nightlife is simply incomparable. The sheer diversity of restaurants, bars, clubs, and gathering places across Thailand means that every traveler can find the perfect place to spend the evening.

The popularity of the traditional Thai massage has made Thailand a leading destination for spa treatments. Facial and body treatments, saunas, herbal wraps, couples’ massages, and massage lessons are just a few of the ever growing number of services available at Thailand’s leading luxury spas.

Best Time to Visit the Gulf of Thailand
The Gulf of Thailand’s beaches and islands see rainfall only between October and December, making it an excellent alternative beach destination to the Andaman Sea during the summer months.

Thailand’s Cuisine
The cuisine of the country is pretty diverse. In Southeast Asia, it is considered to be amongst the best culinary countries. Here’s a list of the most loved dishes of Thailand:

Glass noodles, tofu, mushrooms, and light ruffage make this tasty soup a perfect companion for many of Thailand’s spicy curry dishes.

Ba Mee Hang
This dish combines pork, greens, and pan-fried noodles into a distinctly Thai meal.

Tom Yum
Fragrant lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, and shallots are combined for one of the most unique and memorable culinary experiences in Southeast Asia.

Fried Calamari served with fish sauce is a distinctly Thai dish that should not be missed.

Kao Ka Moo
This rich meal of succulent pork boiled in a blend of soy sauce, cinnamon, and anise served on a bed of rice is a great way to recharge after a day spent exploring Thailand.

National Parks in Thailand
Thailand’s national parks protect nearly 2,000 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Wild Indian elephants, dozens of species of monkeys, tigers, and guars can be found in a wide range of locations. With 127 national parks – 22 of them national marine parks, one can experience a total package here.